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Prior to booking a session with us, we request clients to complete a questionnaire. This helps us understand your specific needs, challenges, and goals so that we can tailor our sessions to meet your unique requirements. Your journey towards transformation starts with understanding your individuality.

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Hypnotherapy Disclosure and Consent Form



By their signature below, the above-named client voluntarily agrees by their own free will and desire to be the subject of a Hypnotherapy session and accepts full responsibility for any and all injury arising from the Hypnotherapy session. The client shall hold harmless all parties involved in the Hypnotherapy session.


The client has been asked and is fully aware that they have disclosed to the practitioner any mental health issues they may presently have and/or any pharmaceutical medications or other professional treatments they have used in the past or are presently using.


THE CLIENT UNDERSTANDS THAT THE HYPNOTHERAPIST IS NEITHER A TRAINED PSYCHOLOGIST, PSYCHIATRIST OR MEDICAL DOCTOR. The client affirms that hypnotherapy is appropriate for them and does not conflict with any existing medical or psychiatric treatment. Always follow the advice of your physician or other professional medical practitioner.


No warranty is given, expressed or implied, for satisfactory results from the Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy session.


The Hypnotherapist employs Hypnotherapy Mesmerism and relaxation techniques and/or a combination of these methods to facilitate the client’s quest for self- improvement. Specific techniques may include Body Relaxation, Directed Meditation, Age Regression, Counselling, Past-Life Regression, NLP and other Behaviour Modification techniques.